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Scottish angler catches world’s biggest ever movement fish and we won’t trust how large it is

A Scottish angler snared a biggest movement fish ever held in a universe – an 8ft whopper weighing 300lb.

Fisherman Hamish Currie, 59, spent some-more than an hour hauling in a hulk 8ft 3in savage that has a ‘wingspan’ of 7ft.

The “once in a lifetime” locate took 65 mins to tilt in, off a seashore of Portrush, Northern Ireland, and is a largest ever Giant Common Skate available in a world.

The prior record was logged in 2014 when a fish weighing 208lbs and measuring 7ft 3in prolonged was held off a Isle of Skye.

The savage movement fish was a large 8 feet prolonged and has a wingspan of 7 feet
(Image: Hamish Currie /

Charter skipper Hamish said: “My legs were shaking.

“It was mind floating to see it on a deck. we knew true divided that it was a biggest one ever.

“It’s really a rise in my career. It’s a best impulse so distant for me.

“I’ve never seen anything of that distance before and I’m really unapproachable of it.

“It put adult one ruin of a quarrel and we was shattered. The rod was focussed right over a side of a boat.

“It took me an hour and 5 mins to tilt it in. we managed to get it to a aspect 3 times though it was only so powerful.”

Hamish Currie says throwing a record fish was one of his career highlights
(Image: Hamish Currie /

After he wrestled a savage onto his boat, Predator, it was tagged for charge functions and expelled behind into a sea – within 4 minutes.

Hamish binds a special licence, released by a Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland, that allows him to fish privately for Giant Common Skate.

He changed to Portstewart, Northern Ireland, from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, and was and concerned in a ancestral tug-of-war with a hulk 450lbs shark off a seashore of Islay in 2012.

The penetrating fisherman has been operative in Irish H2O for some-more than 20 years, and has held hundreds of a fish, that he tags during a ask of a Northern Irish authorities.

The savage fish was held in Jun regulating a 80lbs braided line, with a 6lbs longhorn huss as attract though Hamish spoke about it to symbol a finish of a UK’s large diversion fish and shark season..

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Hamish said: “I do all of a tagging for free.

“It’s for charge and insurance functions and we recover all of my catches.

“I am really unapproachable of myself since we went out to locate a large fish – we got a timing perfect.

“I wish to put Portrush on a map. It’s an underestimated place though it’s open to a Atlantic. It’s a abounding ocean.

“The large fish are there to be caught. You’ve only got to locate them.”

The weight was distributed regulating a wingspan-by-length acclimatisation chart, though was so large it went off a finish of a graph.

The biggest ever locate in UK waters is believed to be a 505 lbs bluefin tuna landed by Andrew Alsop, off a seashore of Neyland, nearby Pembrokeshire, Wales, final year.

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