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Self-employed window fitter from Cwmbran is giving out giveaway fishing kits

A MAN from Cwmbran has started an beginning to emanate top-notch fishing kits from donated apparatus for children in a area.

Kevin Clark, 36, from Cwmbran – a penetrating fisherman – is providing fishing rigging to children around a village in a bid to drive them in a right instruction by building a hobby.

The transformation started around a month ago, and Mr Clark has already kitted out some-more than 40 children.

(Kevin Clarke with his dual sons, Gethin and Evan Clarke and their large catch)

Old, new or bend new apparatus such as fishing boxes, weight and floats, nets and some-more is donated by other fishers, and a youngsters receiving them don’t have to compensate a penny, with a intrigue saved wholly by donations and Mr Clark himself.


(One of a kits with a new rod, new reel, chair, alighting net, keep net, preference of hooks, attract box and net bag)

The thought came about dual years ago when Mr Clark posted a summary on Facebook seeking for any donations of fishing apparatus for a friend, and many penetrating anglers got in touch.

“I realised that there was a niche there and wanted to take it further,” he said.

Mr Clark wants to be a assisting palm to a younger era of anglers who wish to fish, though haven’t got a apparatus they need.

“I wish to do something neat for a people,” he said.

As someone who has been fishing given he was young, Mr Clark pronounced he now hopes to do a coaching gift so he can take youngsters out fishing himself and uncover them a ropes.

Mr Clark has done a Facebook organisation called ‘The angling initiative’ where those wanting a pack can get in contact.

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