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Home / Entertainment / Stereophonics played a secret gig in a Cardiff pub

Stereophonics played a secret gig in a Cardiff pub

It’s a VERY long time since Stereophonics last played a pub in Cardiff.

But the Welsh music giants performed one of their most intimate shows ever at The Yard pub in the city centre.

Kelly Jones and co, who play a huge open-air show at the Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday, took astonished onlookers by surprise when they turned up at the pub for the impromptu gig for employees of Brains Brewery.

The band, who launched their own Phonics beer in conjunction with Brains Brewery back in January, played a half hour set set at the city centre Brains pub wowing a crowd of around 150 fans, who couldn’t believe they were witnessing Stereophonics up close and personal in such a small venue.

Playing a set packed with hits such as Local Boy In The Photograph and Have A Nice Day, they closed their show to rapturous applause with their number one single Dakota, Kelly telling the crowd: “Thanks for coming along. We’d love to stay and drink with you all night, but we’ll see you all tomorrow.”

Stereophonics play a secret gig at the Yard pub in Cardiff

Of the collaboration with Brains and their own beer, described as a “vibrant” pale ale with “complex” citrus, fruit and floral hop character, Kelly, speaking to us in January at the launch of their own brew, said: “It was a no-brainer.

“We played around with a few names and slogans. We were in the middle of a tour so we could only dip in and out.

“We were flattered when Brains asked us. I remember when we used to go to Cardiff and when you got off the bus you could notice the smell of the brewery.

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“It’s quite surreal. We came from a place where drinking was the culture and we started playing in bars and pubs so we don’t shy away from admitting we like a pint.

“Our expertise is not in mixing beers but our expertise is in drinking them.”

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