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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Super gran saves shark from fishing line while scuba diving off Devon coast

Super gran saves shark from fishing line while scuba diving off Devon coast

This is a jawesome impulse a scuba diving gran saved a shark that was snagged on fishing lines.

Michelle Walton, 53, was on a diving holiday off a seashore during Hallsands, south Devon, with her partner, Peter Love, 52, when they speckled a stranded catshark.

It was stranded on a double offshoot and thrashing vigourously so a integrate dived down to a seabed to try and giveaway it.

Michelle, a selling manager from Kidderminster, Worcs., used a blade to saw by a fishing lines before a 5ft prolonged shark wriggled free.

Astonishing video shows a impulse a shark swims directly past a integrate after it was discovered on Tuesday (30/7).

Divers Michelle Walton, her partner, Peter Love.


Michelle, who has dual children and 3 grandchildren, said: “We were in a H2O reduction than 10 metres down, tighten to a seaside when me and Pete beheld a fishing line and we indicated to Pete to equivocate it.

“We followed a line and it left into some seaweed and when we reached a finish we saw a catshark held on a double hook.

“It was thrashing around so we got out a diving blade and started slicing a line. It took a prolonged time since it was a tough line.

“If we hadn’t found a shark it would have died.

“When it finally got giveaway it didn’t float off true divided and seemed to hang around and it looked during a camera – we consider it was observant appreciate you.

“When we go diving we like to see where a dive takes me – we don’t devise it out and we never know what I’m going to get.”

Peter Love being filmed rescuing a shark.

Catsharks feed on invertebrates and smaller fish and are not damaging to humans.

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