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Driving Simulator Chairs- Risk free racing!


Driving Simulator Chairs Driving simulator chairs get described in a variety of ways: Driving simulator chairs, Driving gaming chairs, Racing simulator gaming chairs, Racing gaming chairs, Racing seat simulator, The concept though is quite simple and that is to provide a chair that simulates the driving position and the driving experience available through computer games. The chairs are compatible with …

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Welsh gold in Cardiff – for Valentines Day

Valentines day Welsh Gold

Gold can be found in many different colours and locations, Welsh Gold is the one which will interest Cardiff inhabitants. In its pure form it has a yellow colouration and is quite soft. The addition of other metals such as silver, copper make it harder and change the colour somewhat from white to rose respectively. These additions change it to …

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Cardiff Outdoor Activities if Under 12 and in need of some fun? Here’s some ideas


Outdoor play and experiences are a vital part of our children’s development. Headlines about inactivity and rising obesity levels are raising the need for children to get out and about more. All this is why the Cardiff Outdoor Activities Team (Coat) has joined up with the National Trust to deliver their scheme called ‘50 Things to do Before You Are …

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Cardiff Bay Sailing -Whipping Knots and Splicing

Splicing ropes Cardiff Bay

If you are out in Cardiff Bay sailing frayed rope ends can be really annoying. many sailors concentrate on sailing and don’t find time to learn techniques on how to whip rope ends. Splice two ropes together or tie specialist knots so we have put together a collection of videos to keep in one place for general reference. Cardiff Bay …

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Hangover cures

Hangover cure

Hangover cures – There are so many misunderstandings about drinking and hangovers so we have had a word with the Doc to see what is TRUE and what is FALSE!   TRUE or FALSE   Drinking a pint of water before you go to bed avoids a hangover TRUE – Alcohol is a diuretic (makes you pee) and topping back up …

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Fancy Dress Hire for Cardiff Stag Do’s and Cardiff Hen Do’s

the joke shop

Fancy dress parties are believed by some to be an essential part of a stag or a hen do without a fancy dress party at some point is just unthinkable. Usually during stag or hen do weekends at least one of the evenings includes fancy dressing.  Fancy dress parties – where do they come from? It is believed that fancy …

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Cardiff Martial Arts

cardiff martial arts

Cardiff martial arts are a popular pastime for all ages and abilities and with so many disciplines making up the sport, there is bound to be one suitable for you. If you prefer a different pass time other leisure can be found here.   People participate in Cardiff Martial Arts for a number of reasons including self-defense, keeping fit, relaxation or just …

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Car Boot Sales – Newport

car boot sales newport

Newport Car boot sales – Newport Stadium Newport Stadium, Spytty Road, Newport Gwent NP19 4PR Newport car boot sale on hardstand. Regular on Sundays starting at 8am     Newport Car boot sales – Tredegar House Car boot sale Tredegar House, Newport Gwent Last Sunday of the month all year round. Sellers start time 9am Buyers admitted 10am Always visible …

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Cardiff pubs the Wallabies could try out before playing Wales in Cardiff

Cardiff Pubs-The Walkabout

In less than two weeks Australia arrive in Cardiff for the last match of the Autumn Internationals, but some of them have been very naughty boys on tour, they will be keen to check out the Cardiff pubs! Six players have been suspended for consuming “inappropriate levels of alcohol”, according to coach Ewen McKenzie. While five of the players will …

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