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Home / Entertainment / Takeaway review: Bombay Mix, Whitchurch, Cardiff
Bombay Mix Whitchurch

Takeaway review: Bombay Mix, Whitchurch, Cardiff

Bombay Mix, Whitchurch, Cardiff

Cuisine: Indian

Address: 7 Penlline Rd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 2AA

Phone number: 029 2063 6060

Order: Chicken pasanda, chicken dopiaza, one portion of pilau rice, peshwari naan, onion bhaji, saag aloo.

Price: £26.85 (plus a charge of 65p for paying with credit card).

Order method: Ordered via the phone and it was quick and easy. The man taking the order was extremely polite, even calling me ‘Ma’am!’ and he double checked the order with me.

Waiting time: We were told that the wait would be an hour but we were prepared for this as it was ‘Super Saturday’ and we ordered between Wales taking on Australia in the Rugby World Cup and Wales playing Bosnia in the football – just as many others were also placing their takeaway orders no doubt. It arrived about 20 minutes later than planned but we also expected this.

Service: As with the telephone order, our delivery man was very friendly and polite.

Did the food arrive hot? It arrived in plastic tubs on a big cardboard tray rather than in bags and while it was still warm it wasn’t overly hot but nothing that a quick blast in the microwave couldn’t fix.


Bombay Mix WhitchurchChefs at the Bombay Mix in Whitchurch, Cardiff with their dishes

Flavours: This takeaway was a taste sensation as we shared the dishes between us. In both curries, the chicken was cut into large chunks and was perfectly tender.

The pasanda, which had almond flakes on top, was mild and creamy but had some lovely gentle spices to give it a little kick. The dopiaza was packed with chunky onions as well as slices of fresh tomato and it really complemented the pasanda.

The sauces were thick in consistency but they weren’t at all oily which you can sometimes find with a takeaway curry.

There were four large onion bhajis which were brilliantly crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and were subtle in flavour while the saag aloo was packed with cubes of potato and blanched spinach and were a great accompaniment to the bhaji as a side order.

Pilau rice can sometimes be rather bland but this was really fragrant with a lovely blend of saffron and it was fluffy too and the peshwari naan was oozing with coconut.

We were also sent a couple of complementary poppadoms, which were fresh and crunchy, and a little tray of salad garnish and a mint dip, but I mush confess I would have preferred a tub of mango chutney, which I missed with the popps.

Portion size: Generous. This order for two would have been perfect for three people so unfortunately we were unable to finish the meal.

If we had left out the side orders of onion bhaji and saag aloo it would have been the perfect amount but it would have been lacking in variety.

Any other comments: I’ve visited the Bombay Mix on numerous times over the years and have never been disappointed. It’s very much a local takeaway which has a regular client base and you can understand why people go back for more. We certainly will be…

Bombay Mix, 7 Penlline Rd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 2AA. Call 029 2063 6060




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