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‘Talented’ carpenter and penetrating fisherman found dead

A “talented carpenter” and penetrating fisherman has died during a age of 31.

Steffan Evans was found passed during a skill in Brecon , military confirmed. His genocide is not being treated as suspicious.

Mr Evans, from Ystradgynlais , had been a lifelong member of a Tawe and Tributaries Angling Association.

Gareth Williams, bar chairman, pronounced he was “eternally grateful” to have common practice with him.

Mr Williams said: “[Steffan] was a permanent tie during a club’s competitions and trips. He was good association on a H2O and in a bar afterwards.

“We are still disorder from a startle of losing someone we were awaiting to fish with for many years to come.

“Stuck in my mind is an picture of Steff with a laugh from ear to ear personification We Are The Champions on his phone after a successful compare during Grafham Water.

“I cruise myself advantageous to have common some good practice with Steff – for this we will sojourn evermore grateful.

“Tawe Angling would like to extend a deepest sympathies to Steffan’s family.”

Steffan Evans, in a center of a behind row, with a Cwm Fly Fishers during a Anglian Water Final during Grafham Water

Steffan Evans, in a center of a behind row, with a Cwm Fly Fishers during a Anglian Water Final during Grafham Water
(Image: Cwm Fly Fishers)


When he wasn’t enjoying his hobby Mr Evans worked as a carpenter for many years.

Steve Sax, who met Mr Evans 12 years ago and worked alongside him as they carried out construction work, described him as “one of a best”.

Mr Sax said: “I knew him for many years and common a lot of days with him.

“I started operative him about 12 years ago and we worked within Brecon, Abergavenny, and Craig y Nos Castle doing building work.

“Steff was a gifted carpenter and he taught me a lot of things before we finished as a builder dual years ago.

“We once spent dual months on a roof together and we common some laughs.

“The initial time we met Steff he was always smiling and happy. We became unequivocally good friends unequivocally fast and we spent a lot of time together.

“He was a unequivocally good male and such a good friend. He was one of a best. We used to get together for Christmas and go for drinks and hang out.

“It has come as a startle to everybody and there are a lot of people dissapoint during a moment. He will be missed by a lot of people.”

One of Steffan’s employers has also paid reverence to him, observant that he had “a genuine present for carpentry”.

Gethin Jones said: “Steffan came to work for me as an apprentice. He was immature though penetrating and with a genuine present for carpentry.

“He propitious good into a group due to his pleasing nature, clarity of humour, and good work ethic.

“He also enjoyed nation sports and this extended a loyalty further.

“He was a gifted angler and fishing was a genuine fun for him, as were his spaniels who he gay in training.”

A mouthpiece for Dyfed-Powys Police said: “Dyfed-Powys Police attended a skill in Brecon during approximately 3.10pm on Monday, Apr 8.

“Sadly a 31-year-old male was found deceased. The occurrence is not being treated as questionable and HM Coroner has been done aware.”

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