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Teens bragged they were ‘on a run for murder’ after violence angler to death

A organisation of teenagers bragged to their friends that they were ‘on a run for murder’ after violence a fisherman to genocide in Surrey.

Scott Wilkinson, 48, was smashed to genocide with a lumber of timber by brothers Lenny and Shane Crawt, aged 16 and 17 during a time, and their afterwards 21-year-old cousin Charlie Smith.

The Crawt brothers, now 18 and 19, were found guilty of murder and Smith, 24, was found guilty of killing during Guildford Crown Court on Mar 7.

The 48-year-old was murdered during a night fishing speed on Donkey Island, circuitously his home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in July, 2016.

Scott Wilkinson, 48, was killed by 3 members of a same family during a summer fishing outing in 2016
(Image: SWNS)


He suffered deadly mind injuries when a 3 immature group brutally assaulted him with a square of wood.

The jury listened how a Crawt brothers and their cousin Smith had been camping on a island.

They fled to circuitously Grovelands Park after a occurrence and met a squad of youths they knew.

According to Surrey Police, one of a 3 said: “I wouldn’t contend anything if we was we since we killed someone tonight”.

Smith told an aged propagandize crony that he was on a run ‘for murder’.

Lenny and Shane Crawt and Charlie Smith viciously pounded Scott and left him with deadly mind injuries
(Image: SWNS)


Detective Inspector Paddy Mayers, who led a investigation, said: “This was a infamous and meaningless conflict on Scott Wilkinson who after a conflict was left alone to die.

“His injuries were so critical that they were not survivable.

“Shane Crawt, Lenny Crawt and Charlie Smith suspicion they had got divided with it and even boasted about what they had done.

“They afterwards denied their impasse before blaming any other, putting Scott’s family by a pathetic hearing where they had to listen to striking fact to what Scott had left through.”

Scott’s physique was found on this widen of a Thames
(Image: SWNS)


DI Mayers pronounced a contingent had never shown any distress for what they have done.

After a verdict, Scott’s family common a heart-wrenching tribute. They said: “We have such lustful memories of Scott that embody him misbehaving with his hermit Shaun when they were children most to a amazement of his mom Janet and humorous pleasure of his father David.

“Fishing was a family hobby that brought us all together. It combined common practice during prolonged summer holidays, brave trips to Ireland with prolonged drawn out tales of a one that got away.

“The appetite and unrestrained that Scott destined towards fishing was contemplative of his impression towards people.

“He offering friendship, affability and alliance to those that wanted or indispensable it.

“He enriched a lives of a people who knew him.”

Shane Crawt, from Purley, Lenny, from West Molesey, and Charlie Smith, of no bound headquarters will be condemned during a same justice during a after date.

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