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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / The £1.2m residence that comes with SIX fishing lakes

The £1.2m residence that comes with SIX fishing lakes

A three-bed residence is adult for sale in Salford labelled during £1.2m.

That roughly 5 times some-more than a normal cost of £240,000 for a isolated in that area.

And you’d be right in meditative something smells a bit fishy.

That’s since this skill comes with 6 lakes stocked with a operation of fish, some weighing some-more than 30lbs.

The fishery is tighten to Irlam city centre

The residence is partial of Moss Farm Fisheries, on Cutnook Lane, tighten to Irlam city centre.

It dates behind to 1800 and has been renovated by a stream owners.

But if it’s not to your ambience there is formulation accede in place to explode a building and erect a complicated four-bedroom isolated house.

A tackle and attract emporium and worm tact room is enclosed in a sale

It would seem from a photos this competence not be required as a home includes a atmospheric kitchen/diner area with a executive island, an oil-fired Rayburn and expel iron record burner.

There’s also a 28ft prolonged loll with another timber burner and 3 vast bedrooms.

The cost includes a cafeteria and plantation shop

What else will we get for your money?

There’s a brick-built, two-storey stable with formulation accede to hit down and reinstate with 3 new homes.

According to a agents, formulation has also been upheld for dual semi-detached houses (one three-bed and one four-bed) and a serve isolated three-bed home.

A apart outbuilding, also enclosed in a sale, once housed a kitchen for soldiers in a Second World War and still retains a strange penetrate and oven.

The residence dates behind to 1800

And there’s more.

The site also includes a café and dual shops.

This is a growth event for somebody who knows about both skill building and fishing, as a fishery now has some-more than 300 members and a outrageous batch of counterfeit fish and carp, not to discuss a worm tact room.

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With a right formulation consents, other business could be determined on a site, such as children’s play barns and plantation shops.

So will a customer take a bait?


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