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Home / Entertainment / The 11 most important pugs from Christmas Pugfest in Cardiff

The 11 most important pugs from Christmas Pugfest in Cardiff

Around 400 pugs gathered today at a special Christmas-themed Pugfest – the
only Christmas-themed pug convention around.

In no particular order, here’s our pick of the some of the best-dressed dogs on show.

1. Gingerbread Pug

Behind the costume is three-year-old Alphie

2. Pug Giving Santa A Ride

This is Baron Von Pug – just nine months old

3. Pug On Wheels

Vince is three – but can’t use his back legs

4. Turkey Pug

This is the fabulous Frank, with his owner Carolyn La

5. Nervous Santa

Percy, nine months

6. Best Frock Pug

Three-year-old Cookie, looking splendid

7. Slightly Self-Conscious Pug

Tillie is two, and still uncomfortable with the concept of fancy dress

8. Tartan Pug

Henry is eight months old, and just playing at being Scottish

9 and 10. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Pug with Shy Elf Pug

Rudolph (aka Amber, age six) won the best rescue category

11. Best Christmas Party Frock Pug

Pixie is 18 months and scrubs up WELL

What is Pugfest?

Pugfest was held at Action Petz in Tremorfa, Cardiff, and attracted more than 1,500 people and around 400 pugs to use the luxury indoor dog play centre.

Pugfest is an organisation which holds fun days out for pugs all over the country and was set up by Rob Clowes in memory of his pug, Poppy.

Poppy had her own twitter account of more than 18,000 followers but she sadly passed away shortly before the first Pugfest event last August.

The event raises money for various animal charities and trusts, including Jemima’s Place which rescues and rehomes unwanted and sick animals in Wales.

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