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Home / Entertainment / The Apprentice: The 10 worst treats Lord Sugar has ever inflicted upon the winning team

The Apprentice: The 10 worst treats Lord Sugar has ever inflicted upon the winning team

After a hard few days being shouted down, humiliated and inventing rubbish things, The Apprentice candidates who impress Lord Sugar (or make the most money) can usually rely on one thing… a luxurious treat for all their hard work.

But, sometimes, these treats are, well, a bit crap.

Here are some of the worst. Thanks, Lord Sugar!

Kick the ball at the hairy man

England v Germany October 2000David Seaman dives to save the ball during the match at Wembley. The game ended England 0 Germany 1

“You’ve won a kickabout with David Seaman”. Definitely not the words you want to hear when you’ve just been rinsed for a board game you’ve invented.

It was really just a continuation of the humiliation, as Team Summit kicked balls at the former England goalkeeper and his hair. Bet Pamela was glad she got fired.

Fine dining

Spaghetti Hoops - March 2001
We reckon Lord Sugar loves ‘oops every now and then

Series one featured a doozy of a treat for winning candidates in the third episode.

Team Impact had to suffer through “dinner at an Italian restaurant with Sir Alan Sugar” after their success in the spending task.

After the traditional pizza/pasta dilemma was solved, how long did it take them to talk about the weather?

Bowling. Do we really need to say more?

We won yey! Bowling? Booo!

Could Lord Sugar not think of anything more unique or swanky than forcing his winning team to wear stinking, uncomfortable shoes worn by thousands of other people?

This was a low point for team Stealth in series three.

The best and worst moments from 10 years of The Apprentice

Night on the tiles

Hollingsworth ...Pic Steve Murphy Peter Child manager of the new John Hollingsworths  son shop inthe Great Western Arcade
Close, and a LOT of cigars

If bowling was Stealth’s low point, then Eclipse in the same year suffered an equally disappointing treat.

After winning by making the most profit out of £200 they were all packed off to a “night out at a Cuban bar and restaurant in London”.

Not close. No cigar.

A private piano recital from Myleene Klass

10 YEARS YOUNGER: THE CHALLENGE10 YEARS YOUNGER: THE CHALLENGE10 YEARS YOUNGER: THE CHALLENGEMyleene klass reproduced or redistributed for any use or in any medium not set out above (including the internet or other electronic form) without the prior written consent of Channel 4 Picture Publicity 020 7306 8685
Hiya! Myleene loves surprising people with her piano recitals

And you thought kicking balls at Seaman was a low point. Series four’s team Alpha had even more to complain about.

A private piano recital from Myleene Klass? We’d rather be Ed Miliband.

A yoga session? A bloody yoga session??

Thinkstock generic of young woman floating in sea, hands behind head, laughing, close-up
Yoga, laughing what more could you ask for? Champagne, a trip to Rome maybe?

Team Empire’s long, hard slog in creating and selling a new cereal brand was rewarded with a “yoga and laughter therapy” session.

The laughter probably started when they heard where they were going. And quickly ended when they realised it wasn’t a joke.

You’d need yoga to get over that. Rubbish.

Action painting

Undated Handout Photo of a couple painting walls. See PA Feature HOMES Homes Column. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature HOMES Homes Column.
Less “action painting” more “sedate decorating”

Imagine enduring this after spending three days trying to sell urban modern art. Imagine enduring it ever.

What does it even MEAN??

Pat Cash continues Lord Sugar’s line in long-haired ex-sportsmen

Pat Cash was a prize for The Apprentice candidates one year (well his tennis playing)

Instead of firing balls at David Seaman, series seven’s team Venture got to play tennis with Pat Cash.

It was probably raining too. Miserable prize.

‘For your treat… you get to go back to the house where I usually send you in disgrace’

English League Division Two match at Filbert Street. Leicester City 0 v Burnley 0..Leicester City players enjoy a few bottles of champagne inthe bathin the bath after the match as they celebrate their promotion to Division One.14th April 1983.
Everyone loves Champers at home…don’t they?

The treat organiser person must have been on holiday during the first half of series seven, because the first winning team prize was champagne back at the house they were going to be living in.

Poor, very poor.

Fencing. Can we not please?

LB230308fence-21 for Birmingham Post and Mail. Various pics from the Birmingham International Fencing Tournament, at the Munroe Centre, Birmiingham University.
The Apprentice gets really competitive, like REALLY…

A great treat… if you’ve got a really boring hobby. Following their magazine task in week seven, winning team Logic were sent on a fencing lesson.

We’re sure all the team took up sword play after their eyes were opened to the excitement of putting chicken wire over your face and wearing a white boiler suit. Not.

And here’s what you could have won…

Just to show how bad those treats really were, Lord Sugar has on occasion been tremendously generous.

Earlier in the current series winning team Summit were sent to a volcanic spa in Iceland.

Other series have seen successful candidates jetting off to Monaco, Rome and even on the Orient Express.

Not to mention the dozens of health spa trips, Michelin-starred chef-cooked meals, cocktail lessons at the Savoy and front row seats at a top-end fashion show in London.

All better than a kickaround with David Seaman. By a lot.

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