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Home / Latest News / The couple who got engaged under the Eiffel Tower have been given probably the best engagement present

The couple who got engaged under the Eiffel Tower have been given probably the best engagement present

Getting engaged in Paris is already an incredible tale to tell the family, but football fans Emma and Darren have received probably the best engagement present.

Darren Crandon, a Wales fan, popped the question to Emma White , an England fan, under the Eiffel Tower on Saturday ahead of the Slovakia game.

The couple, who live in Risca, Newport , have now been given two tickets to the Euro 2016 final in Paris.

The big moment
The big moment

Tournament sponsor Carlsberg contacted the pair – who work in Cardiff – and also offered them tickets to the biggest game in their diary – today’s clash between England and Wales.

But the pair wouldn’t have been able to make it from Paris to Lens in time so have had to turn them down.

“I haven’t even started doing my hair and that takes hours,” said Emma.

Watch the moment Darren proposed:

Welsh man proposed to his English girlfriend under the Eiffel tower

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Darren, 32, was also being loyal to his friend who is in Paris with the pair.

“There wouldn’t have been time to get there and we might even have missed it. Also, my friend is here so I said I wouldn’t leave him here,” he said. It has been absolutely amazing,” said Darren.

“I can’t believe we’ll be going to the final. We would never have been able to get tickets to a final of a tournament in our lifetime. I don’t think Wales or England will get there but we’ll be delighted to be in the stadium.

“I think France could get there and to see France in their own country in the Stade de France playing a final would be incredible.”

Emma said the couple have been overwhelmed by the reaction.

“This is all just mental. We’re both still on cloud nine.

Emma shows off her engagement ring

“I had no idea he was going to propose. What girl doesn’t want to get engaged in Paris? I had told him it would nice but he just kept saying ‘shut up, it won’t happen’. “I didn’t think he was the sort of person to do this. I thought he would do it in the pub with a bunch of his friends, but he couldn’t have done it better.”

The couple are coming home from Paris tomorrow, but first will watch today’s tie in the Paris fan zone.

They then need to make arrangements to return to Paris on July 12.

“We’ll be watching today’s game in the fanzone. There’s no fighting there, no arguments and it’s just been brilliant. I feel really comfortable there,” she said.

Carlsberg have also agreed to throw the pair an engagement party when they return home.

And who do the couple think will have the bragging rights come full time?

Emma thinks it will be a 1-1 draw, whereas Darren is going 2-1 to Wales.

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