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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / The outrageous disaster blighting one of Wales’ many famous beaches

The outrageous disaster blighting one of Wales’ many famous beaches

From spotless towels, to needles to bags of balderdash – these intolerable cinema uncover only what’s floating in a Welsh waters.

The images were prisoner by Jules O’Shea, 47, and her family who dedicate their gangling time to cleaning adult a beach during Pendine Sands.

Jules and her family live in Cardiff yet they spend many of their weekends during a beach.

Together with her partner Tim Rees, 44, and their 3 children – a integrate have been cleaning a beach for around 4 years.

But some of their many new finds uncover only how many outrageous equipment are being dumped into a oceans.

“We’ve found all sorts of things there,” explained Jules.

“We had a integrate of lobster tags.

“Lots and lots of spook net and fishing rope, that we try and find a new home for during Morfa Bay Adventure whenever possible.

“A freezer, lots of soothing polythene gets cleared in on certain tides and winds – including spotless products.

“Last year a organisation of women and their babies were sat a few feet from a mixed of seaweed with spotless towel subsidy tangled in it, and were totally preoccupied – it seems as if unless people actively demeanour for balderdash they are roughly ‘rubbish blind’.

“We’ve a soothing fondle that we dug out of a silt 4 or 5 years ago, cleared a few times, and is still my son’s favourite toy.

“Most of a beach balderdash is substantially from boats, yet there’s also a lot of plantation animal feed bags that come down river. Oh, and hundreds and hundreds of balloons too!”

Needles have also been found
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

A spotless towel found cleared adult in a sand
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

The family’s clean-up routine all kicked off when they started to find some bizarre things during a beach – it all went from there unequivocally and they’ve continued to spawn collect a area ever since.

They take bags with them to lift a balderdash and if they find anything quite large they take their automobile to mislay it from a beach.


The 5 of them spend around dual hours there any time they visit.

It’s also been good for a kids – Isaac Rees, six, Emi Chubb, 13 (Jules’ step-daughter) and Mitch O’Shea, 16, who have learnt to unequivocally hatred littering as a consequence.

This is what was found within an hour during a new beach clean
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

Jules said: “They are unequivocally good during [litter picking].

“We have a bit of a diversion now – who is going to find a strangest thing that day?”

Jules also certified it’s helped her to cruise about littering more.

“The cosmetic thing – it was an eye-opener,” she said.

“We have attempted tough to cut down on a cosmetic consumption, that is unequivocally formidable with a family, yet there are tiny changes everybody could make that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

“[Plastic] is in all and we don’t even cruise about it.

“I never used to cruise that spotless towels might have cosmetic in them yet there are choice solutions.”

The family recently found lots of cleared adult spotless products
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

A week’s value of spawn found during a propagandize holidays
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

Jules also explained a series of balloons a family have found has stirred her to debate for them to be criminialized from being let off in open places.

She has even created to some councils to ask them to cruise putting measures in place.


Jules said: “I’ve never favourite littering – I’ve always told people off if we have seen them doing it.

“The needles are bad, and it always seems to be a youngest that finds them – luckily he knows not to collect them up.”

Balloons found during one of a family’s clean-ups
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

Jules and her children bag adult all a rubbish
(Image: Jules O’Shea)

Jules pronounced a group during Keep Wales Tidy collect a balderdash a family collect adult as they can’t always get absolved of it themselves.

Now she’s job on some-more people to cruise how they devour plastic.

“We are going to have to do something about it – it’s only not going away,” she added.

“It is such a large problem that there is something everybody can do.”

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