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Home / Entertainment / The Fall: Watch our trailer as Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson return for a second series

The Fall: Watch our trailer as Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson return for a second series


Jamie Dornan might have become a household name, thanks to his casting in 50 Shades of Grey, but it was his role as perverted serial killer and family man Paul Spector in The Fall that kick-started his career.

And Dornan will be back as Spector on BBC Two from November 13 in the second series of The Fall with DS Stella Gibson, played by Gillan Anderson (who is also enjoying success in America with another serial killer series Hannibal), hot on his heels.

The second series of The Fall picks up 10 days after the end of the first series, with most of the original cast returning to the hit series. A new addition to the cast is Merlin star Colin Morgan as a detective inspector, Tom Anderson, helping Gibson with the case.

The Fall broke the mould when it came to psychotic serial killers as Spector was portrayed as a handsome, family man who had a respectable job so he inverted the stereotypes and this made the tale even more creepy.

And rather than being a traditional whodunit, we knew who was responsible from the start so this was more of a ‘can he get away with it?’ and viewers were therefore gripped by the ‘cat and mouse’ antics between Spector and Gibson.

While, the open-ended conclusion to the first series of The Fall left a lot of viewers angry, that looks set to be sorted in the second series with the net closing in on Spector, who was seen fleeing with his family when we last saw him.

Series two of The Fall is six episodes long, one longer than the first series. If you failed to catch the first series, and have Netflix you have time to catch up .


The Fall will return to BBC Two on November 13

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