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The stream fisherman looking for someone to learn his failing craft

At one time Carmarthen was Wales’ biggest pier with some 2,000 townsfolk creation their vital from a river.

This enclosed a tradition of coracle fishing that dates behind to Roman times and that became a vast partial of Wales’ heritage.

It’s a really opposite design now where coracle fishing is now a failing trade.

It now usually exists in partial of Wales and even uses a possess singular form of Welsh. For coracle fishermen share difference that are used by nobody else and some of that are usually used on specific rivers.

If we accommodate a coracle fisherman they competence impute to places on a stream by names famous usually to a community.

    Coracle fishing is no typical job. The work usually takes place in a summer months, it mostly usually happens during night, and we won’t be authorised to fish during weekends.

    It is in fact one of a rarest pursuit opportunities we will ever find.

    Coracle fishermen Malcom Rees (right) and Andrew Davies
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    In 1923 a Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act put an finish to coracle fishing on many rivers. It is now singular to 3 West Wales rivers – a Towy, Teifi and Taf.

    Just 8 licences exist to fish on a River Towy in Carmarthen – with around 3 actively used.

    On a Teifi a serve 12 licences are actively exploited, while there is one on a Taf during St Clears.

    That’s it. The whole coracle fishing race of a globe.

    Now a pursuit advert is giving someone a event to learn a contention that spans behind to Roman times.

    Coracle fisherman Andrew Davies, who has had a coracle looseness for 17 years, needs someone to join him on a stream Towy for a 2019 deteriorate – that runs from Mar to July.

    Normally a singular skills of fishing and coracle creation are handed down by a generations.

    Andrew Davies checking a boats
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    But Andrew, who also fishes for drum on a blurb boat, wants to pass on a enlightenment and believe he has gained of coracle fishing over a years.

    “I would usually like to pass it on. It’s something that, with a Welsh heritage, we suspicion an alien would like to do it,” he said. 

    “They would need to be penetrating – somebody that wants to be partial of a birthright – and physically fit.”

    As a child, Andrew would go to a River Teifi in Cenarth and and was transfixed examination a coracle men.

    After withdrawal a Navy someone asked him if he wanted a go and he’s never looked back.

    What is a coracle?

    Traditionally a coracle was a little vessel done with charcoal woven together to make a hideaway and lonesome with a calico piece afterwards embellished with 3 coats of bitumen paint.

    This was a rebate of tar, linseed and representation and was practical with a leather tassel as a paint brush that would usually disintegrate.

    But in 1973, a stream was dammed during a source and overnight a stream turn dropped, creation shingle banks seem and creation it formidable to mount adult in a normal boats.

    A new-style twine potion vessel afterwards emerged. The boats are really light with a normal coracle weighing around 20lbs.

    A chair is placed in a centre with a chair support and dual leather straps are attached, with a incomparable one used to lift a coracle over a fisherman’s shoulders.

    The smaller one is used to residence a “cnocr” or “priest” – a little wooden bar used to jolt a fish.

    When afloat, a vessel can be used in as tiny as 3 to 4 inches of water.

    Traditionally a paddle is embellished during both ends in white so when it falls into a H2O in a dim it can be simply retrieved.

    Meanwhile a fishing lines were still being done of cow tail as recently as a 1960s.

    For Malcolm Rees a normal vessel has a particular feel. “You can feel a stream some-more in a normal one.

    “It’s formidable to explain, though we feel closer to a H2O in a normal one than in twine glass,” he said.


    The pursuit has never been offering before.

    “They would fish with me. The looseness hilt has got to be benefaction and we would learn them how to do it,” Andrew said.

    “Normally, unless someone passes divided and a looseness becomes available, we would never get that opportunity.”

    Andrew sees coracle fishing as partial of Wales’ heritage.

    “It would be a really unhappy day for Wales if coracle fishing disappeared,” he said.

    “It’s a same as a cockling, laverbread and sewin – it’s partial of Wales’ heritage.”

    There are usually a few coracle fishermen who now work on a Towy. Here are fishermen Malcom Rees (left) and Andrew Davies (right)
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    Any neophyte taken on would design to fish by a light of a moon – mostly hardly saying a palm in front of your face.

    Two coracles work during any one time with a 40ft net stretched out in a semi-circle between them.

    When a fish is hold a dual coracles are drawn together by pulling during a net.

    Whilst in prior decades a fisherman could design to locate 4 to 5 salmon in a shift, now we are usually as expected not to locate anything.

    Clocking off time could be anything adult until 3am or 4am.

    In a 1860s it was estimated that 400 coracle group relied on a river. Over a years there has been a thespian decrease in a series of coracles accessible to fish.

    But coracle fishing indeed started before then. A hide-covered vessel was initial accessible when a Romans invaded a nation in AD48, though a coracle was during a tallness in a 18th and 19th centuries.

    Fishing families in Carmarthenin around 1910
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    Many worked on outrageous load ships that alien equipment such as coal, booze and iron, and exported Welsh wool. Among these outrageous ships a little coracles plied their trade – with a families vital in misery outward a town’s range wall.

    Their damp cottages mostly usually had straw covering a floor, that was infrequently cleared divided by a town’s rubbish as it done a approach down to a river.

    In 1929, 25 pairs were accessible to fish a River Towy, a series cut to 12 by 1935. Today usually 8 coracle fishing licences are released by Natural Resources Wales for a river.

    For Andrew a fun of throwing a salmon in a coracle that competence be eaten in restaurants as internal as Y Polyn or a New Curiosity in Carmarthen is one of a reasons he takes to a Towy.

    But for associate coracle fisherman Malcolm Rees, it’s deeper than that, it’s in his blood.

    Malcom Rees holding a print of his father, Raymond Rees, taken in a early 1970s
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    His family connectors with coracles can be traced behind 300 years.

    Malcolm’s great-grandfather William Elias was innate in 1876, and worked with coracles for many of his 98 years.

    Although a trade missed a generation, Malcolm’s father was a fisherman who upheld on a believe roughly from a cradle.

    As we travel around a Quay Centre on Carmarthen’s riverfront we are met with a fascinating chronological repository of a coracle on a Towy, with many cinema of Malcolm and his kin on a walls.

    Malcolm had his initial coracle aged dual – in a same approach many children are given a fondle automobile or tractor.

    Some of a dark difference common by coracle fishermen

    Astell Orlais (Tywi) – a lumber ancillary a seat

    Ffiol (Tywi) – a wooden bailer kept underneath a seat

    Clyfwchwr – a time to start fishing

    Helingo (Teifi) – a routine of covering a coracle

    Gafel – a scratch during a tip of a Teifi coracle paddle

    Sdol (Teifi) – a coracle sofa or seat.

    Tywi fishermen also divided adult a stream into little areas and gave them names recognized usually by themselves. They embody Gwar Garw, Pwll Jini Ban and Llyn Owen.


    He watched his father make coracles and schooled a trade over several years. But there came a break time when Malcolm had to select a profession.

    He became a financial broker, woeful a fact he had not kept a tradition alive.

    “My father pronounced to me ‘don’t worry about it. It’s in your blood. It will come to you’.”

    When Malcolm, now 53, strike 40 it came to him. He now fits in financial with fishing and manages to keep centuries of family tradition alive.

    The destiny of coracle fishing as we know it is underneath threat.

    Malcolm carries a coracle a normal way
    (Image: Robert Melen)

    With a salmon bonds diminishing, an All Wales Inquiry is underneath approach to examine how to strengthen a remaining fish.

    The Planning Inspectorate for a Welsh Government is carrying out a exploration into ‘The Wales Net Fishing (Salmon and Sea Trout) Byelaws 2017’.

    The exploration started in Jan and is set to finish on Mar 7. 

    Proposals being suggested embody shortening a fishing deteriorate that now runs from Mar 1 until Jul 31. It is suggested that a months of Mar and Apr could be shunted behind into a sealed deteriorate – withdrawal usually May to Jul accessible for fishing.

    What it’s like to paddle a coracle

    Andrew Davies helps Sandra Hembery on a stream Towy in Carmarthen

    On a cold though splendid Feb morning we took to a Towy to try my palm during steering a coracle.

    After days of complicated rain, a stream was too violent to be peaceful on a small novice, so we took instruction in a protected waters of a slipway.

    In sequence for a other palm to be giveaway to fish, a coracle oar is hold in one arm, with a shoulders used to drive a boat.

    The oar is hold during a “two o’clock” position, with a sublime oarsman figure out a figure of 8 kindly in a water.

    I wasn’t a sublime oarsman. Neither could we remember how to finish a figure of 8 when total with a unfit charge of staying afloat, sitting rightly in a vessel and avoiding a crash.

    I was told it was unfit to penetrate a vessel from a front though we really many doubted that in my case.

    Within mins my shoulders were feeling a aria of holding a oar solid and paddling in a shoal waters.

    If there was a foe for going turn in circles while concurrently intending to go in a true line we would have won it.

    And we won’t discuss a integrate of times when there was a break of coracle on quay-side.

    Minutes after we was examination humbly as veteran coracle fishermen glided by a water, roughly soundlessly pulling a qualification to clearly unfit speeds.

    I won’t even suppose how we would have fared when probably blinded by a night sky.

    An choice offer is to have a “catch and release” policy, effectively finale a ability of fishermen to make a vital out of their catch.

    Naturally, while a fishermen know a need to safety stocks, conjunction choice is welcomed by them.

    They indicate to a fact that a rebate in bonds could be down to a series of reasons, including pollution, and not usually since of over-fishing on a river.

    But they fear that after centuries of tradition coracle salmon fishing could die out within 12 months even if a proxy anathema on throwing fish is imposed.

    For some-more information on a apprenticeship, call Andrew Davies on 07896 009079.

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