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The sinister story of Barry rapists Peter and Avril Griffiths

The span were compared to 'Fred and Rose West'Image copyright
Wales News Service

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The span would work together to rape and intimately abuse immature girls

They were so scandalous that they were dubbed “the Fred and Rose West” of their housing estate.

Now child raping married integrate Peter and Avril Griffiths are finally confronting probity after being unprotected as partners in a horrific passionate abuse of 3 exposed girls.

For 3 weeks, their victims sat in Cardiff Crown Court painstakingly conference their harrowing tales of rape, bathing and abuse being retold to jury.

Throughout a 1980s and 1990s, Peter Griffiths used his mother – claimed to have a low IQ – as “bait” to assistance him ambuscade immature girls.

And it seemed no place was off-limits for a disfigured couple.

One rape took place in a behind of a van. Another on a vessel where supposed “sex parties” were hold with police officers pronounced to be on board.

At one stage, Avril even hold down a immature girl, revelation her it wouldn’t “hurt” as her father raped a child.

Paedophile Peter Griffiths was described in justice as a “sinister passionate abuser” and Avril as his “true partner in crime”.

“This was a partnership in passionate exploitation, and any with [their] possess partial to play,” prosecutor Caroline Rees QC pronounced during a trial.

After decades of depravity, a span have finally been brought to justice.

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Avril and Peter Griffiths met when they were teenagers

This was a vicious and sadistic story, commencement behind in a 1960s when a Griffiths’ initial met.

Then, Avril was aged only 13 or 14, and Peter 4 years older.

By a age of 15 she was profound by him, and subsequently taken into care.

Despite being warned to stay divided from him, they married when she was 18, environment adult home in a strand city of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

The justice listened that they were a “sexually-driven” couple, indulging in swinging, dogging, passionate photographs and homemade racy films.

By a time they were in their twenties, they had begun “working as a team” to aim a 3 “young, vulnerable” teenagers.

‘A-Team-style van’

More than once, a justice listened how Avril Griffiths befriended their selected victims, bathing them with ethanol and cigarettes.

One plant was given vodka before being forced to poise for faulty photos.

She was raped in a couple’s black A-Team character outpost and done to attend in “dogging” sessions.

She was also raped on Griffiths’ boat, that he moored in a Bristol Channel and used for fishing trips, after being forced to splash a pint of vodka.

Sex parties, too, were hold on a boat, where Avril Griffiths was pronounced to have dressed as a “kissogram”, wearing prolonged boots and suspenders underneath a coat.

These parties, a justice heard, were attended by military officers, who were pronounced to be benefaction when during slightest one rape took place.

Image caption

The three-week hearing was hold during Cardiff Crown Court

One plant described a officers as “friends” of Peter Griffiths, who himself told a victims he worked as a “special constable”.

The plant told a justice how a group would mostly “brag” about their jobs, regulating them as precedence over her and observant “no one” would trust her if she complained.

Often these events were organized by a South Wales Police amicable club.

The other victims too faced likewise harrowing ordeals.

One – aged 13 during a time – was raped by a integrate while Avril Griffiths hold her down, revelation her: “Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt.”

The plant told a justice that a integrate were obvious in Barry and had warranted a nickname formed on another immorality couple, sequence killers Fred and Rose West.

She added: “I consider if we ask many families in Barry, they’d hatred them”.

The justice listened a integrate had bought a lady cigarettes and ethanol and Avril Griffiths had dressed her in mini-skirts and heels to “make her demeanour like her”.

Throughout a trial, Peter Griffiths denied a claims, observant a victims were driven by a remuneration culture.

But he was found guilty of 8 depends of rape, dual depends of holding an faulty sketch of a child and 3 depends of faulty assault.

Avril Griffiths was found guilty of 5 depends of rape, dual depends of holding an faulty sketch of a child and dual depends of faulty assault.

Peter Griffiths, 65, was condemned to 21 years and Avril Griffiths, 61, was condemned to 15 years.

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