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Things we shouldn’t do if there’s a thunderstorm

People are being warned to take precautions forward of thunderstorms set to hurl opposite tools of a UK this week.

The Met Office has released a yellow warning for serious thunderstorms that could move flooding.

Lightning could be a problem for anyone who hears rumble – as strikes are probable adult to 10 miles from a heart of a thunderstorm.

If we can count reduction than 30 seconds between saying a peep and conference rumble afterwards we could be in danger.

Here’s a full list of what stairs to take to strengthen yourself, according to LiverpoolEcho ,  and a things we really shouldn’t do in a storm.

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What to do


  • Before a charge hits, make certain we unplug all non-essential appliances, including a television, as lightning can means energy surges.

  • If outside, equivocate H2O and find a low-lying open place that is a protected stretch from trees, poles or steel objects. Try to find shelter, though equivocate sheltering nearby any of these objects.

  • If we find yourself in an unprotected location, it’s best to hunker tighten to a ground, with your hands on your knees and your control tucked between them. Try to hold as small of a belligerent with your physique as possible, do not distortion down on a ground.

  • If we feel your hair mount on end, it means lightning is about to strike and we should dump into a prop position immediately.

  • Bring your pets inside – being in a residence is a best choice for each member of your family, pets included.

What not to do


  • Avoid regulating taps and sinks – steel pipes can control electricity.

  • Don’t make landline phone calls unless it’s an puncture – write lines can control electricity.

  • Don’t take a shower. For a same reason we should equivocate taps and sinks, a shaft can transport by H2O pipes and electrify you.

  • Don’t put adult an powerful if you’re held in a charge – a steel could approach a stream into your body.

  • Don’t go outward too shortly after a thunderstorm – it’s best to wait until during slightest 30 mins after we see a final peep of lightning.

  • Avoid activities such as golf or fishing, if we were tempted to go out and do them in a thunderstorm.

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