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Home / Latest News / This family were left terrified after finding a snake in their attic

This family were left terrified after finding a snake in their attic

A Cardiff family were left terrified when they found a snake in their attic.

Kausar Anwar, 34, was shocked when she made the discovery on Tuesday evening at her home in Grangetown, and the foot-long snake jumped out at her and her two young sons.

According to Kausar’s sister, Saima, the snake “stood up” directly in front of her after emerging from her belongings while she was clearing the loft with her two young songs, Mohammed-Isa and Abdul-Qadir.

Saima said: “Kausar was clearing her loft and putting stuff away when all of a sudden it appeared just in front of her lap.

“She told me her legs were shaking and she started screaming, and then grabbed her children and ran out of the room with them.

Kausar’s sons Mohammed-Isa Sarwar and Abdul-Qadir Sarwar

“One of the boys is only 16 months old, he could have taken it for a toy. They are at that age where they don’t understand. It could have been a lot worse than it was.”

The sisters’ father Mohammed visited the house to help deal with snake. Saima said: “It’s shocking and we are terrified – to find a snake in your own home.

‘She could sell the house straight away’

“My sister said she could sell the house straight away. She can’t think straight and she’s still scared to go back in now.”

The family were told the reptile is a corn snake, which preys on rodents, but is harmless to humans.

Rob Browne
Mohammed Anwar, from Grangetown, with the snake in the tupperware box

Mohammed said he was in disbelief when he was told about the discovery at around 8.30pm on Tuesday.

He managed to put the snake into a bag and was advised by a snake handler to transfer it into a large tupperware container and seal it shut with masking tape, which he was told would not be dangerous for the reptile.

The snake could have looked like this corn snake which was found in a taxi in Mold last year

When he tried phoning the RSPCA for assistance, Mohammed said he was told nobody could be sent out until later on Wednesday.

So he then spoke to South Wales Police who put him in touch with the volunteer snake handler from Llanelli.

He agreed to meet the handler later on Wednesday to hand over the snake.

Mohammed said: “We were very scared. It’s the first time I’ve ever come face to face with a live snake, and my daughter was absolutely terrified. Even now, the day after we found the live snake and put it in a secure box, she’s still not going back to the house.”

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