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Acorn fishery Carp

Tony Rixon braves breezy conditions to take a Acorn Fishery honours

BRISTOL’S Tony Rixon kick Wells-based Tom Thick by a weight of an average-sized Acorn Fishery canopy in turn 5 of a fishery’s Pole Only array during Kingston Seymour.

Gusting winds done fishing uncomfortable. Big weights were not approaching and Rixon was a usually aspirant to strike a 100lb symbol after sketch to fish a hotly-favoured Bridge brace 40 on a automobile park bank.

At a start Rixon cupped adult 4mm particle to a distant side of a footbridge, and it took him 20 mins to locate his initial fish.

He said: “Bites started to come some-more frequently after a initial 30 mins and about three-and-a-half hours later, when a fish changed away, we had already netted 30 carp.

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“I afterwards switched to fishing a five-metre stick line, though after a brief spell of throwing usually 7 tiny f1s we motionless to give devise A another try.

“I held a decent-sized canopy with my initial put-in and only kept going. During a final dual hours of a compare we held another 25 decentsized fish and weighed in 111-14-0.”

The runner-up was Thatcher’s Tackle tip male Thick, who poled soothing particle over a micro particle feed between 5 and 11 metres off brace 30 and brought in 46 carp, weighing in during accurately 108lb.

Third place was filled by Cadbury Angling Centre’s Andy France. He poled banded 4 and 6mm pellets tighten to a Peg 34 footbridge and brought 82-7-0 of mostly canopy to a scales.

Result. Overall: 1, Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 111-14-0, Bridge Peg 40; 2, Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 108-0-0, brace 30; 3, Andy France (Cadbury Angling) 82-7-0, Bridge Peg 34; 4, Lewis Jones 80-7-0, brace 36; 5= Glen Bailey (Aon Angling Bristol) brace 38 Brian Slipper (Sensas Thyers) brace A4, both 68-11-0.

Silverfish: 1, Russ Peck 25-12-0, brace A5; 2, Chris Fox 25-8-0, brace A1; 3, Mark Broomsgrove 21-4-0, brace 6.

Local rod Lewis Jones romped home a gentle leader of Shiplate Farm’s May Day open, fished on Main Lake during Bleadon, nearby Weston-super-Mare.

He poled a banded 8mm particle during 13 metres and varying inlet off Match Lake 15 and ran in a large 51-8-0 transparent of his nearest challenger with a 121-6-0 locate of peculiarity carp.

Result. Overall: 1, Lewis Jones 121-6-0, brace 15; 2, Dominic Sullivan 69-14-0, brace 9a; 3, John Hawkins 49-2-0, brace 14b.

Silverfish: Julian Pinkett 22-4-0, brace 1.

Bryan Cleevely carried a Brian Waldron Cup with only 8ozs to gangling in a Kingswood DAC Cup Match, fished during Plantation Lakes, Kingston Seymour.

He fished a singular caterpillar hookbait adult to 10 metres off brace 10 and hermetic feat with a 13-11-0 locate of carp, and a 5-7-0 churned bag of silverfish.

Dave Farnan finished tighten behind, after poling a 4mm soothing particle into a margins of brace 1 for 18-10-0 of carp, while third-placed Dave Blakemore poled luncheon meat, caster and caterpillar between a fibre and adult to 9 metres off brace 8 for a hard-earned 18-3-0 of roach, rudd and skimmers.

Match organiser Pete Powe poled a 4mm soothing particle during 9 metres off brace 11, and a constraint of dual skimmers weighing only 1-8-0 was adequate to give him a silverfish pools income by default.

Result. Overall: 1, Bryan Cleevely 19-2-0, brace 10; 2, Dave Farnan 18-10-0, brace 1; 3, Dave Blakemore 18-3-0, brace 8; 4, Mike Ferris 11-11-0, brace 14; 5, Dave Coopper 11-10-0, brace 15; 6, Eddie Buck 9-10-0, brace 3.

Silverfish: Pete Powe (by default) 1-9-0, brace 11.

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