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Turkey egg, in an egg !!

Turkey egg an unusual twist!

Now here is something you don’t see every day! If you do any cooking you will know that a duck eggs or a turkey egg make fantastic cakes and sponges, if you can get them.

So imagine Kevin’s surprise when he cracked open a Turkey egg and found a second perfectly formed turkey egg inside!




The egg has an interesting provenence in that it was the parting gift of Mildred the turkey. Mildred lived with George until recently moving to a new home at Walnut Tree Farm Park

George and Mildred are very happy in their new home at the park where small cows, delightful shetland ponies with their fouls and baby goats are well looked after  and readily accessible.

The two turkeys are surprisingly friendly and will make a great addition to Walnut Tree Farm Park.

Turkey Egg- George and Mildred at walnut tree farm Farm Park
Turkey Egg- George and Mildred at Walnut Tree Farm Park


They grew up at the former home of Nick Boing, the internationally famous sheep of Rhiwbina aptly named Nick Boing, who is sadly missed by his owner David Palmer. Nick Boing died earlier in the year and there is a memorial to him in Parc Pentre Rhiwbina. The placing of this memorial had a very respectable attendance on rainy day in April!


Nick Boing memorial
Attendance at Parc Pentre for the laying of Nick Boing’s plaque


Egg Oddities

There are a whole range of unusual eggs ranging from double yolkers, no yolkers, rubber eggs, that is eggs that fail to form a hard shell and flat sided eggs. These unusual eggs are usually chicken eggs but turkey egg variants obviously exist.

However, this particular variant of the turkey egg does not seem to be as common. If anyone knows of stories of  an unusual turkey egg or chicken egg please feel free to comment.

Turkey Egg and Chicken egg oddities


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