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TV fishing documentary filmed in Caerphilly set to air

Caerphilly Angling Club chairman Andrew Riste, left, with Correy Burrows and presenter Will Millard, right

An upcoming episode of a BBC TV fishing documentary has been filmed in Caerphilly.

The third episode of Go Fish! with Will Millard will air on BBC One Wales at 8pm on Friday, July 12.

The show sees presenter Will Millard travel across Wales catching fish, with Friday’s episode focusing on carp fishing at Caerphilly Castle moat.

As part of the episode, Mr Millard meets up with members of Caerphilly Angling Club.

Speaking about the episode, Mr Millard said: “Away from the fish, this is a story about subculture and obsession: an urban collective who while away hours and days cocooned in little tents next to very big lakes.

“I meet the young men whose lives have been changed by the carp in the shadow of Caerphilly Castle.”

Caerphilly Angling Club chairman Andrew Riste said: “It was great. To be asked by Will to appear on the show was an absolute honour.

“I think being on television will show members how fortunate we are to be able to fish in such an iconic venue.

“I think people in Caerphilly take the castle for granted. We have people from all over the world come to visit it.

“There aren’t many places in the world where you can fish with such a backdrop.

“Hopefully younger people will see the programme and want to get involved.

Mr Riste added: “I’ve not seen the show myself yet. I’ll be in work until 9pm on Friday so I won’t be able to watch it live, but my wife will be watching it with her parents.

“Unfortunately I’ll have to watch it on iPlayer with a nice Chinese takeaway.

“I’m a bit nervous but I’m also excited. It’s been a long week waiting for it to come out.”

During the episode, Mr Millard will also visit Cardiff docklands and Swansea, where he will follow the Welsh ladies carp team as they take on the Royal Engineers.

The episode will be available on the BBC iPlayer after it has aired.

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