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Home / Latest News / Up to 385 staff affected as Cardiff and Vale University Health Board re-shapes workforce

Up to 385 staff affected as Cardiff and Vale University Health Board re-shapes workforce

Nearly 400 members of staff could be affected by changes being made to staff structures in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, it has been revealed.

The Health Board has confirmed it has entered into consultations with trade unions over staff reorganisation that affects 385 members of its 14,500 workforce.

The plans centre around delivering services in a more cost-effective way by re-shaping its workforce.

It comes after the board approved financial plans for the forthcoming year to reduce spending by £90m at its meeting in March. This includes cutting the staff wage bill by £35m.

But the Health Board insisted that redundancies were a “last resort” and they would seek to move staff elsewhere.

Chief Executive Adam Cairns said: “Services must change to meet current, and future, demand and this work needs to start quickly.We believe that ultimately, once we have been through the process of consultation, and have looked at how and where we can redeploy colleagues who find themselves at risk, only a small number of people out of our total workforce may find themselves in a redundancy position.

“In fact, redundancies are the very last resort for us, only to be undertaken when we have exhausted all other possibilities.

“We understand how worrying and upsetting this news will be for many staff and we would like to reassure colleagues that the UHB will work hard to try to ensure that the majority of staff affected by service changes will be able to use their skills in alternative roles.

“The UHB is working closely with its staff representatives and is taking every possible step to reduce the impact of planned changes on staff, while recognising that we must meet our statutory obligations in terms of consultation on potential job losses.”

The plans come as the health board consults on proposed changes to deliver the way that some hospital services – including consultant-led maternity, neonatal, paediatric and AE services –  are delivered as part of the South Wales Programme.

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