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Valentines day Welsh Gold
Valentines day Welsh Gold

Welsh gold in Cardiff – for Valentines Day

Gold can be found in many different colours and locations, Welsh Gold is the one which will interest Cardiff inhabitants. In its pure form it has a yellow colouration and is quite soft. The addition of other metals such as silver, copper make it harder and change the colour somewhat from white to rose respectively. These additions change it to 10,14 or 18 carat gold. Whatever the hue gold makes a fantastic Valentines day present.

The ‘shiny’ gold is the most popular, however, if it is combined with jewels the finish is often matt to accentuate the stone. Be it precious or semiprecious.

As every girl knows diamonds can be outstanding set in gold, though platinum is increasing in popularity.

We are all aware that the price of gold has been rising steadily over the past few years, so it may be of interest to look at some unusual examples of gold, as jewellery, a Valentines day present can now become a seriously good investment!


Valentines Day White Gold

White gold has long been a symbol of purity and freshness; the fact that it is unusual is often seen as a sign of the respect and care offered by the giver to the lucky recipient.

As an engagement ring or wedding ring white gold signifies uniqueness reflected in its value. It conveys to the partner that that there is an eternity and sophistication to the relationship and confirms that the union is a special one.

White gold is an enduring symbol of the affection shown in a relationship and is a reminder of shared love, particularly on Valentines day.

White gold is in fashion and is modern, it has a superb lustre and the colour is soothing to the eye. The look they offer is brilliant whether it is as a simple ring or combined with a ‘sparkle’.

Currently popular is the trinity knot; the three knots in the gold, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are representing the mind body and soul in union.

They can be made into many designs and a popular trend is to design your own as a truly special Valentines day gift.

Not surprisingly heart shapes are popular on Valentines day and the design can reflect a particular shared experience.


Valentines Day Welsh Gold

Even more highly prized is Welsh gold; this is mainly due to its scarcity. It has only been found in two main areas, one is a band in North wales stretching from Barmouth and up to Snowdonia. The other in South West Wales in Carmarthenshire. The biggest mine of Welsh Gold is in Gwynfynydd, (N Wales) with the South Wales mine being near the village of Bontddu (Glogau mine).

The area near the River Cothi is known to have been mined by the Romans.

The early Welsh princesses would wear Welsh gold to symbolise power an authority, it is unclear as to whether this was Welsh Gold at that time as it was more easily found in Ireland during the bronze age with rings bracelets and amulets have been discovered from that era.

The scarcity of Welsh gold leads to an inflated price, in fact the London metal bullion price is exceeded three fold by that of Welsh bullion.

Welsh gold s still recognised, as a symbol of royalty as the Royal family wear wedding rings made of Welsh gold.

If you are looking for Welsh gold as a Valentines day gift it can be bought in Cardiff at Napier jewellers (Welsh Gold Workshops) and this jewellery is a masterpiece in its own right with the craftsmanship enhancing the material from which it is constructed.

The shop is a delight to visit with an historical feel and a courtesy from staff seldom found in these modern times. Being buzzed in to the beautifully appointed premises has a sense of security and one can chose their Valentines day gift at Leisure.

These gold items are treasured by their owners and often become family heirlooms. Their authenticity is signified by the AC marks Aur Cymru which confirms that the gold is pure welsh gold and certified.

Obviously if mixed with gold from other origins its uniqueness is diluted, though still a good investment as is all gold.

Where to buy Valentines Day Welsh Gold and White Gold

Jonathan David Jewellers is a well-established family business. The shop has a Victorian feel about it and being buzzed in gives a feeling of security. The shop is well appointed and the staffs are well dressed and extremely polite.

Parkhouse jewellers- Welsh Gold
Valentines day shopping at Parkhouse Jewellers

Should you decide a bit more variety is needed Parkhouse Jewellers in the Hayes is a short walk away, there you can find a good array with some lines discounted. This is another store with a good pedigree, in this instance dating from 1794. Their first store was in Southampton.

These are excellent shops to visit for the special occasion, not simply a purchase for your loved one on Valentines Day!

White Gold and Welsh Gold can be purchased at these locations:

Parkhouse Jewellers

St David’s,

27 The Hayes,


CF10 1GA

Tel: 02920 660 890


Valentines day shopping – Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9.30 – 20.00

Tuesday 10.00 – 20.00

Saturday 9.30 – 18.00

Sunday 11.00 – 17.00

Jonathan David Jewellers



CF10 1AB

Tel: 029 2022 6875



CF24 3NZ

Tel: 029 2049 4852


Valentines day shopping – Opening hours: – Mon – Sat 9:00 – 17:30


Napier jewellers (Welsh Gold Workshops)

1st Floor 36 St. Mary St,


CF10 1AD

Tel: 029 2002 7266



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