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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Welsh unit vessel to strengthen dug-out fishermen in Africa

Welsh unit vessel to strengthen dug-out fishermen in Africa

Champagne was burst open to launch a new fisheries unit vessel (FPV) that’s been built to strengthen Welsh waters from bootleg fishing.

FPV Lady Megan was strictly launched and named during Conwy marina – during a same time as her prototype was handed over to a Liberian Government.

The aged boat, FPV Aegis, will be renamed a “Pride of Wales” and used to strengthen a 40,000 or some-more Liberians who use cave canoes to locate fish to feed their families.

The concession was facilitated by a Welsh Government’s “Wales for Africa” group following talks with a World Bank Fisheries Department, a EU Fisheries Team and Liberian fisheries institutions.

In return, Liberian envoy Gurly T Gibson Schwarz presented a “handshake” benefaction to farming affairs apportion Lesley Griffiths .

Eluned Morgan, apportion for general relations, said: “This (donation) will make a large disproportion to a Liberian people.


“Projects like these build relations between Wales and Africa during a time when it is some-more critical than ever that we demeanour outwards during how we can support projects abroad.”

Lesley Griffiths gets prepared to pour

Lesley Griffiths gets prepared to pour

The 56-tonne FPV Lady Megan can strech speeds of adult to 28 knots and is versed with GPS, radar, hunt lights and a soppy laboratory.

She is named after Criccieth -born Lady Megan Arvon Lloyd George, a initial womanlike Member of Parliament for a Welsh constituency.


Commissioned to guarantee Wales’ fishing industry, FPV Lady Megan is partial of a new multi-million bruise swift that also includes FPV Rhodri Morgan, FPV Catrin, FPV Gwenllian and FPV Siwan. All were built in Wales.

Each vessel has a possess shield: FPV Lady Megan’s incorporates a Welsh dragon holding a protecting portcullis symbol.

After furloughed a new boat, Mrs Griffiths said: “Brexit will benefaction us with a series of hurdles though these vessels put us in illusory stead to support the fishing attention and urge destiny sustainability.”

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