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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / What a catch! Giant tuna held off a Welsh coast

What a catch! Giant tuna held off a Welsh coast

stream_img-1Two Welsh fisherman got some-more than they bargained for after throwing hulk tuna that are suspicion to be value over £75,000.

Anglers Chris Bett and Michael Steer had been fishing off a Welsh seashore when a beast fish took a bait.

It was after a four-hour onslaught when 50-year-old Chris Bett managed to contend in a 500lbs Bluefin Tuna.

Shortly afterwards, associate angler Michael, pulled in a 300lbs tuna.

The anglers contend it took 3 really clever group to lift a quadruped into a boat.

The span had only returned from an catastrophic fishing outing to Madeira so were creation adult for their losses.

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