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Rainbow trout monster at Chew

What a whopper! James lands a rainbow trout monster at Chew

THE latest in a long line of monster trout to come from Bristol Water’s Chew Valley Lake is this 8-1-0 rainbow caught by Cornish flyfisher James Kennedy while boat fishing with local guide and former England team member Martin Cottis.

The fish, which fell for a size 14 Diawl Bach nymph, stripped more than 60 metres of line from its captors reel on its first run and fought for more than 30 minutes before being netted.

The weekly catch returns at Chew Valley Lake up to and including Thursday, May 16 show that 146 anglers caught 791 trout averaging 2-12-0 in weight. At Blagdon, 130 rods accounted for 632 trout averaging 2-10-0, while 51 anglers took 141 trout averaging 1-11-0 from Barrow Tanks one and two.

Keith Bilder scraped home from Shaun Townsend by a 1-10-0 margin in the third round of the Windmill Fisheries Wednesday Evening Series, fished on Match Lake at Henfield, near Bristol.

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Bilder poled paste over a sloppy groundbait, which he cupped in close to the ends of the island off peg six. He caught at a steady pace throughout the four-hour match and netted a winning 27-2-0 haul of carp, roach, skimmers, tench and rudd,

Close behind came match organiser Shaun Townsend, who took most of his 25-8-0 of quality carp with banded pellet fished close to the island off peg 22. Bristol’s Bill Ferris topped the silverfish scoresheet with 3-8-0 of skimmers and roach taken with a worm hookbait.

Result– Overall: 1, Keith Bilder 27-2-0, peg 6; 2, Shaun Townsend (Maver Bathampton) 25-8-0, peg 22; 3, Paul Elmes (Bristol PSV) 12-11-0, peg 18.

Silverfish: Bill Ferris (Windmill Fisheries) 3-8-0, peg 19.

John Clark long-poled an 8mm banded pellet to within a metre of the island off peg 26 and scraped home by the weight of one good fish in the Windmill Fisheries weekend open at Henfield.

Avon Angling Bristol’s Steve Jefferies fished the same long pole tactics at peg six and topped the silverfish category with 8-8-0 of small skimmers, roach, crucians and tench.

Result – Overall: 1, John Clark ()Windmill) 28-7-0, peg 26; 2, John Fuidge (Windmill) 24-8-0, peg 3. Silverfish: 1, Steve Jefferies (Avon Angling Bristol) 6-10-0.

James Matthews fished an 8mm banded pellet shallow at 15 metres centre at peg two for a superb 86-9-0 victory in the Mardons AC match, fished on Walters Lake at South Cerney.

Close behind was Chris Austin, who poled 8mm cubes of luncheon meat at 15 metres off peg 1 for a similar 81-11-0 of quality carp.

Results – Overall: 1, James Matthews 86-9-0, peg 2; 2, Chris Austin 81-11-0, peg 1; 3, Alan Hopes 64-8-0, peg 5; 4, Paul Trott 53-13-0, peg 3; 5, Len Hutton 50-8-0, peg 21; 6, Dave Hulcoop 43-6-0.

Paul Swain missed hitting the 100lb mark by ounces in the Carpenters Arms 2,000 AC match, fished on Landsend Fishery’s Match Lake at Wedmore.

He alternated between fishing an 8mm banded pellet shallow and the same size soft pellet hard on the deck at 13.5 metres off disabled peg one and weighed in an 18-carp catch totalling 99-1-0.

Results – Overall: 1, Paul Swain 99-1-0, peg 1; 2, Chris Bland 70-13-0, peg 19; 3, Keith Palmer 45-10-0, peg 17; 4, Phil Groves 41-5-0, peg 5; 5, Phil Terry 33-7-0, peg 6; 6, Andy Brain 29-13-0, peg 3.

Silverfish: 1, Neil Carter 9-0-0, peg 21.

Avon Angling’s Craig Edmunds clinched a narrow victory in the first round of Tony Rixon’s Float Only series, fished at Viaduct Fishery, Somerton.

He poled an 8mm banded pellet into the lakeside margins of peg 132, and later at six metres centre, to tempt 164-2-0 of quality carp.

Results – Overall: 1, Craig Edmunds (Avon Angling Bristol) 164-2-0, Campbell 132; 2, Tom Mangnall 156-0-0, Campbell 116; 3, Dave Roper 148-1-0, Cary 95; 4, Paul Elmes (Bristol PSV) 141-9-0, Campbell 125; 5, Joe McMahon (Carpenters ArmsAC) 135-5-0, Cary 80; 6, Roland Lucas 125-13-0, Campbell 130. Silverfish: 1, Tom Magnell 31-2-0, Campbell 116.

Clive Allen clinched victory by more than 10lb in the Kingswood Disabled AC midweek match on Acorn’s Paddock Match Lake at Kingston Seymour.

He poled an 8mm banded pellet to the far side of Bridge Peg 22 to tempt 49-10-0 of carp weighing in the 1-5lb class.

Results – Overall: 1, Clive Allen 49-10-0, peg 22; 2, Brian Higgs 38-8-0, peg 12; 3, Bob Dark 35-11-0, peg 21; 4, Tom Bailey 29-2-0, peg 25; 5, Dave Blakemore 24-5-0, peg 6; 6, Alan Hopes 23-0-0, peg 5.Silverfish: 1, Tom Bailey 12-8-0, peg 25.

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