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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / World’s biggest canopy weighing 16.5 mill netted by Brit angler in 80 notation battle

World’s biggest canopy weighing 16.5 mill netted by Brit angler in 80 notation battle

MONSTER: Brit angler John Harvey has held a world’s biggest carp
(Image: BNPS)

John Harvey landed a outrageous Siamese canopy after a knee-trembling quarrel to tilt it in during a lake in Thailand. The 42-year-old , from Westleigh, nearby Bideford, Devon, couldn’t trust his eyes when a savage pennyless a aspect of a water. It sloping a beam during 16.5 mill – heavier than a Mini. The gigantic canopy had to be weighed regulating beam on a strong immaculate steel tripod. And John indispensable assistance from dual other anglers to lift a outrageous citation to poise for a design with it during a Palm Tree Lagoon during Chedi Hak in southern Thailand.

VICTORY: Brit angler John Harvey managed to transport a savage onto a shore
(Image: BNPS)

John, a skill investor, distinguished by shopping all a anglers on a lake a drink as his locate kick a prior universe record set for a Siamese canopy by 10lbs. The fisherman, who has been angling given he was three-years-old, said: “As shortly as it took a attract we knew it was going to be a large fish. “It wasn’t fighting opposite me too hard, it was a weight of a canopy that was a genuine plea – it was like boring a outrageous weight by a water. “It was nerve-wracking given we didn’t wish to make a mistake. “After 80 mins we finally brought it to a bank, and we couldn’t trust my eyes.”

John added: ”It was positively enormous, a cinema do not do it probity during all. “It was so formidable to even get a correct hold on a fish, it was huge. “When we put it on a beam we couldn’t trust a weight of it. “The fishery owners started to set adult my rods for me to lift on fishing, though we pronounced no and bought everybody a drink instead.”

BLOOP, BLOOP: Carp are some of a many renouned fish to locate for anglers
(Image: GETTY)

He said: “Being a universe record hilt is a usually explain to celebrity I’ll ever have – I’ve been display everybody a cinema of a fish given we held it.” “I’m only a infrequent angler so unequivocally we felt contemptible for some of a other anglers in a area who spend most some-more income and don’t locate fish anywhere nearby that size.” John has lived in Pattaya, Thailand, with his partner Jenny Jaikumkao, 33, for a past 14 years. Siamese canopy are a biggest class of canopy in a universe and they are found naturally in stream basins in Asia.

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