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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Youngsters put their lives during risk by illegally fishing during River Taff weir

Youngsters put their lives during risk by illegally fishing during River Taff weir

The dangers of bootleg fishing in a River Taff during Blackweir have been highlighted after 3 youngsters were speckled station on a weir with their fishing rods.

Natural Resources Wales Fishing has pronounced that fishing during Blackweir contravenes byelaws that does not assent fishing immediately upstream or downstream of a infancy of weirs on a River Taff. Anyone held contravening these byelaws could face a estimable fine. 

A endangered angler held a contingent on camera and sent a design to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) – rigourously a Environment Agency Wales.

The dangerous act comes usually weeks after adults were speckled pulling children in buggies opposite a Blackweir in an try to lay alongside a salmon jump.

Illegal fishing has a intensity to repairs a volume of fish in a Taff as one salmon can lay adult to 6000 eggs.

An officer from NRW said: “We wish to appreciate this observant angler for holding movement and stating this corruption to us. Illegal fishing indemnification fish numbers in a rivers and booty angling for others.

“These immature people are not usually violation a law, they are also putting themselves in risk as weirs can be intensely dangerous if they were to tumble in.

“We unit areas on a unchanging basement though we do need a support of legitimate anglers or anyone who is out and about to call a occurrence hotline on 0800 80 70 60 so we can investigate.”

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