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Car boot sale bessemer road

Car Boot Sale Bessemer Road

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale in Cardiff, postcode CF11 8BA, is a popular event held at weekends throughout the year with a great family atmosphere, often attracting up to three hundred sellers and thousands of buyers.

Car Boot Sale Bessemer Road
Car Boot Sale Bessemer Road


Held outdoors every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale is located at the Fruit Market in the Leckwith area of Cardiff. Close by attractions include the City of Cardiff Stadium, Ninian Park and Sevenoaks Park. It opens for sellers at 9.00am on Saturdays and at 7.00am on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays; buyers are allowed in 30 minutes later.

Pitches for sellers at Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale in Cardiff are £7 per car or £10 per van which is payable on the day. All you need to do is turn up, bring your own table or clothes rail and away you go. Facilities for both buyers and sellers include refreshments, toilets and free parking. Essential for a car boot sale to have good attendance

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale Information

Days: Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays

Open From:

Saturdays                            9am till 1pm.

Sunday                                7am. till 1pm.

Bank Holiday Monday   7am. till 1pm.


Sellers Fee: £10.00 per car £15.00 per van as of 21st May 2018, not advertised but currently these rate apply.

Buyers Fee: Free Entrance

Spaces: Room for 300 sellers

Facilities: Toilets, Refreshments

Parking: Free


Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale Contact Details, Address, Postcode & Telephone Number

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale

Lewis Road



CF11 8BA

Tel: 07967 123 016

Contact Name: Andy Gill

Car boot sale Splott link

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All information correct as at 30th November 2013.


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  1. Hi there, im thinking about doing a car boot this weekend and was woundering if it is based inside or outside? Just incase it rains. And are you open sunday?