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Driving Simulator Chairs- Risk free racing!

Driving Simulator Chairs

Driving simulator chairs get described in a variety of ways:

  • Driving simulator chairs,
  • Driving gaming chairs,
  • Racing simulator gaming chairs,
  • Racing gaming chairs,
  • Racing seat simulator,

The concept though is quite simple and that is to provide a chair that simulates the driving position and the driving experience available through computer games. The chairs are compatible with racing steering wheels made by manufacturers such as Thrustmaster, Fantech and Logitec. These are not always the chair manufacturers. In addition a set of pedals are required and these are often available through the same manufacturers as the steering wheel, handy if you want to match your controls.

Driving Simulator Chairs – Racing Games

The major gaming platforms are PlayStation, 2 PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and X-box 360. The chairs are compatible with these and the games that operate on the platforms. These games in their various versions are Ferrari Challenge, Gran Tourismo, The Need for Speed and F1. The driving simulator chairs can also be used for flight simulator games and some of the chairs are less specific being simply a comfortable place to sit and game with friends and family.

Driving simulator chairs - Thrustmater wheel
Driving simulator chairs – Thrustmater wheel

The driving simulator chairs are usually adjustable so that both children and adults can move the pedals and steering wheel so that they are reachable. Bucket seats are the seat of preference for most drivers be they real or simulated. Despite this the seats are designed in such a way that it can accommodate the larger framed individuals. It goes without saying that the seats are suitable for both sexes. Though the sport in Formula 1 is dominated by men, in the Sim (short for simulated) world the girls are often a good match. The racing games themselves can be set for timed laps and multiplayer experiences, the girls are definitely quick on these terms! Driving simulator chairs and racing simulators are improving very very quickly; top Formula 1 teams are now using simulators as part of their preparation for the new season. This trickles down to the home enthusiast and games such as Ferrari Challenge are less an arcade game and much more a simulator game. They really feel like driving with sensations such as understeer, oversteer and heavy braking being realistically replicated.

By Paul Taylor

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