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Hangover cure

Hangover cures

Hangover cures – There are so many misunderstandings about drinking and hangovers so we have had a word with the Doc to see what is TRUE and what is FALSE!




Drinking a pint of water before you go to bed avoids a hangover

TRUE – Alcohol is a diuretic (makes you pee) and topping back up with water makes sense.


Sports drinks are better than water at avoiding a hangover.

FALSE – With any diuretic you will lose some essential electrolytes, but not so badly that you need to put them back immediately. The water is the main thing.


A coffee first thing sorts you out!!

FALSE – The caffeine in coffee might wake you up and help the hangover in that way, but it too is a diuretic, so have some water with it. Caffeine can help with headaches, but it can cause them too!


“Hair of the Dog” More alcohol is the best hangover cure.

FALSE – Not so. It might be a bit numbing, but it is just postponing the inevitable. I may well lead to dependency as well. Doesn’t help the headache either.


Toast/bread soaks up the alcohol.

TRUE – Well sort of, with your liver working flat out to get rid of the alcohol it can’t top up your blood sugar so you feel tired and washed out. The carbohydrate in toast does that for you so it makes you feel batter.


A trip to the greasy spoon, eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread etc. will cure it.

FALSE – Doesn’t mater what you eat afterwards, apart from lifting your blood sugar. Now if you had had it before that makes a difference, food slows down absorption of alcohol and so delays the getting drunk bit so helps the hangover.


Your hangover will feel better if you take a painkiller

TRUE – Aspirin, Paracetemol that type of pain killer all work to relieve the headache.

There are some specialized hangover tablets, most of these work by relieving the headache.

AVOID pain mediation that has a steroid associated with it. With your liver working flat out to get rid of the alcohol in combination with steroids it could cause liver damage.


Get some vitamins inside you !

FALSE – There is no evidence that vitamin C or any other vitamins help in the relief of a hangover, take them if you do so normally but a trip to the chemist is a waste of time and money.


Exercise, run it off, its burns of the alcohol.

FALSE – A small beer a small glass of wine or a single sprit all take about the same time to get cleared from your body, and that is 60 -75 minutes. Exercise doesn’t speed that up, so sorry not true. The endorphins released by exercise may lift your mood though and if you have drunk enough to get a hangover, you have taken on board loads and loads of calories so burning some of those off will at least make you feel less guilty.


Sex is the best hangover cure !

FALSE – But it might well make you feel good; just make sure your partner agrees!




Have you got one?

If after heavy drinking you feel sick, tired, dizzy with a headache and aching limbs and your mouth feels as though you have eaten 10 crackers. Chances are you have got one! (If you haven’t been drinking get down the doctors straight away).


To avoid a hangover


Eat before you go out.

Drink a glass of water between each drink and aim for about one drink an hour.



Drink a pint of water before going to bed.

Take painkillers for the headache and aching limbs.

Take an antacid to settle your stomach.

Eat a light meal, (carbohydrate) to get your blood sugar up.


Remember:- More than 5  drinks is considered heavy drinking


Author Paul Taylor

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