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Model boat on Roath Park Lake

Roath Park Lake and kids activities

Model boat on Roath Park Lake

Roath Park Lake is a major part of Roath Park and has been enjoyed by adults and children alike since Victorian times.

There is still a Victorian feel to Roath Park Lake that once had ‘penny in the slot’ gas boilers around the lake for making hot drinks!

Roath Park Lake Kids Activities

It is an excellent venue for kids activities, with the boating lake and boat hire being a particular favorite. Here you can enjoy rowing boats and pedallos, feeding the huge array of birds ranging from swans, ducks, geese, and coots.

One of the kids activities can be to identify the wildlife; to help there is an identification guide at the southern end of the lake.

Roath Park Lake was formed out of boggy land donated by the Marquis of Bute in 1887 and the lake was filled with water in 1893.


Roath Park Lake Facilities

The commercial activity is focused at the south end of the lake. Here can be found a small lighthouse built in 1915 as a memorial to Captain Robert Falcon Scott who was attempting to be the first person to reach the South Pole.

Here can be found a café called the Terra Nova this is in reference to the ship that Scott sailed in. A short walk away is a modern and clean toilet block and the office for booking a boating trip. Recently added is zorbing at the lakeside. This is one of those kids activities where kids tumble inside a large transparent ball floating on the water.

Roath Park Lake is also a great spot for radio controlled model boats; keep a look out for the model fire tender that sprays water from its replica hose!

Ice creams are available of course and a short way from the kiosk can be found a second memorial to Scott.

Further kids activities are also to be found opposite the lighthouse in the form of an activity playground. This makes use of the sloping ground to provide the best and longest slide in Cardiff.

If you venture further away from Roath Park Lake there is a conservatory complete with carp pond and some superb laid out gardens. If you are looking for kid’s activities with an educational theme the conservatory has quizzes, crayons and colouring sheets to pass the time.

Roath Park Lake Fishing

The lake can be an excellent way to introduce kids to fishing right in the middle of the town. However, it is also a serious fishing venue with some fine Carp available.

Daily fishing permits cost £4.60 and are available at the kiosk offereing boat and pedalo hire.


Roath Park Lake Opening Times and location

The Lake is open all year including Christmas Day and New Years Day. Opens 07.30 to half an hour before sunset.

Address: Lake Road West, Cyncoed, Cardiff
Postcode: CF23 5NP

Tel number: 029 2068 4000
Web Address:


Roath Park Lake boating costs

The new Scott memorial

New Scott Memorial     Roath Park Lake ice creams


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  1. Some of the wallys using lake this week are;

    A group of Spanish students, who hired rowing boats, pedalos (spanish?)
    one of whom then proceeded to stand up in the boat whist the rest of
    them were rowing around.
    Although he toppled over a few times, even
    the presence of the boating staff shouting at him and blowing their
    whistle (half time?) didn’t deter him for long, as he was straight back
    up, like he was the captain of sea-going vessel (avast there)
    He continued to display this chivalrous activity for some time (to impress his female com padres no doubt).
    Then the others started standing up and then started swapping over from a rowing boat to a pedalo!
    They came into shore an acted like there was nothing wrong, laffing an joking….
    Speaks volumes, “steady there, splice the mainbrace, me arties!
    Yeh Rite!

    These people represent their country when there in the Uk.

    They should be thoroughly ashamed of acting this way, they deliberately
    put themselves in danger and there friends who trusted them, not to
    mention other people on the lake.
    This also put the boating staff at
    risk if they should have to rescue them, because of a peccadillo if
    juan happened to fall in!

    Su como loco!