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My Dad: The rose that’s named for Father’s Day

The rose is the official flower for Father’s Day and not surprisingly some rose bushes have  been cleverly and commercially named with  the day in mind.

Choose from Father’s Day, an orangey-red  patio rose ideal for growing in containers; My  Dad, a beautiful hybrid tea with bright red  blooms; Special Dad, another hybrid tea, with  scented red flowers;  Simply the Best, with  coppery-orange spicy scented blooms; or  Absolutely Fabulous, with yellow highly  perfumed blooms and good disease resistance. 

Some of these may be available at your local  garden centre or online from at around £15.

Years ago, sons and daughters also wore a rose  to honour Father’s Day – a red one if their father  was still alive, a white one if he had passed away.

How it all began

While Mother’s Day has been celebrated for  hundreds of years, Father’s Day is a fairly recent  concept and not surprisingly there are several  accounts of its origins and history. 

Many historians believe Grace Golden Clayton  was the founder of the first Father’s Day in  Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908 after  Monongah, a nearby town, suffered a mine  explosion killing more than 360 men.  

Over 200 of these men were fathers and left  behind their widows and more than 1,000 sons  and daughters prompting Grace to initiate the  idea of a special day for fathers to be honoured  and remembered. 

Others, however, attribute the origins of  Father’s Day to another American woman. 

Two years after Grace’s endeavours in 1910, a  Washington lady named Sonora Smart Dodd also  publicly recognised the need for a Father’s Day.  

Having heard a Mother’s Day sermon in church  the previous year, she felt that fatherhood  deserved recognition too.

Having lost her mother at the age of 16, Dodd  was brought up, along with her five siblings, by  her father William Smart, a Civil War veteran; she  was therefore very passionate about the need for  a Father’s Day.

So it seems most of the credit does go to  Sonora.

But a little more randomly, I have also read  that the idea of Father’s Day may originate in  pagan sun worship.

As some  branches of  paganism  see the  sun as the  father of  the  cosmos  and the  summer  solstice  occurs  around the  same time of  year as  Father’s Day,  some people  see a link  between the  two. 

Family days

Mums and dads are not the only ones to have  celebratory days dedicated to them.  

In 1990 Grandparent’s Day was introduced by  Age Concern, and is now recognised annually on  the first Sunday in October. 

And even though Children’s Day is marked on  various days around the world to honour  children globally, the very first National  Children’s Day UK was held on Wednesday, May  15 this year.  So pop Grandparent’s Day in the  diary and I don’t think you could give a better  present than a home-made voucher for some  help in their garden.

We mustn’t forget other members of the  family of course; Love Your Pet Day was on  February 20 but don’t worry if you missed that  as Take Your Dog To Work Day is on June 21  ( 

Although, my own dog Yogi, thinks that every  day is Love Your Pet Day and Take Your Dog to  Work Day!

Gifts for Father’s Day

The most popular gift for Father’s Day is  apparently a tie but if you are still looking for  something a bit different, treat Dad to a day at the  National Botanic Garden of Wales near  Carmarthen. 

Dads (and grandads) are allowed in FREE of  charge tomorrow on Sunday June 16th to celebrate their special day  and although there will be some bloomin’ lovely  flowers to admire, green fingers are not essential  as dads will have a chance to make their own F1  racing car and then race it on a special track,  which will be set up in the Great Glasshouse.

There will be displays by Jaguar and Land  Rover, and a science exhibition of work done by  Maes yr Yrfa, Amman Valley, Gowerton and Gwyr  schools, plus Coleg Sir Gâr, Swansea Metropolitan  University, Cardiff University and Panasonic – all  in association with STEMCymru and Engineering  Education Scheme Wales (EESW). 

Music, magic, merriment, a bouncy castle and  general entertainment for the all the family  awaits.

The garden is open from 10am-6pm and for  more information about events at the National  Botanic Garden of Wales, go to or email or call 01558 667149.

Gone but not forgotten

And I’m sure readers won’t mind me mentioning  my own father, Bob, who passed away the day  before Father’s Day 17 years ago.

There are many reminders of him locally in the  many gardens in which he worked and my  brother and I still mention and refer to him most  days. 

As a friend once said: “If only  there were visiting hours for  heaven.”

Gnome  and  garden

And if you are  really struggling  for that perfect  Father’s Day gift,  nip down to your  local garden  centre and buy a  gnome.

They are  topical and  fashionable  thanks to this  year’s RHS  Chelsea Flower  Show lifting the  ban on them and  folklore also  assures us that  they are very  lucky to have in  the garden; so  never mind what  a  TV advert may  suggest… gnome  is  where the  heart is!

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