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Fancy Dress Hire for Cardiff Stag Do’s and Cardiff Hen Do’s

Fancy dress parties are believed by some to be an essential part of a stag or a hen do without a fancy dress party at some point is just unthinkable. Usually during stag or hen do weekends at least one of the evenings includes fancy dressing.

 Fancy dress parties – where do they come from?

Fancy dress at the joke shopIt is believed that fancy dress parties can be traced back to the 18th century. Surely they didn’t look like ours, but we have all heard about Victorian masked balls, haven’t we? That being said, times change, but tradition remains. Of course, nowadays the costumes have changed quite a lot too.

For the widest choice of fancy dress costumes, here is a list of some shops that will ensure you have the best costume on your Cardiff stag/hen do.

Fancy dress shops

1. Bryony Theatrical.  Located in the heart of Cardiff, Bryony Theatrical offers a huge variety of fancy dress costumes for all ages and occasions, including stag and hen do’s and matching costumes for couples, just in case you decide to merge the parties.

2. Party World UK. Located on 374 Cowbridge London, Party World UK offers a special section for stag and hen do’s. Besides the costumes you can always get some sort of props like crowns, sashes, or a bunny set for the girls. What is a hen night without some sashes?

3.  Four Season’s Greetings. This shop is believed to offer a fancy dress costume for almost every occasion. Pick a theme and they will find the outfit that will make you the hen/stag of the year.

4. Cardiff Fancy Dress Shop. This shop offers wild costumes, accessories and make-up, despite the theme of your hen/stag do night. Maybe the bride-to-be would like to feel the center of attention and get a taste of what her wedding would be like – well, let everyone knows who the special hen is!

5.The Joke Shop, Cardiff. Even if you have picked the theme in the last minute, this shop will manage to satisfy all your costume and accessory needs for your stag do or hen do. Men might find interesting accessories to express themselves on a budget, after all it is the Joke shop.

6. Marigold Costumes Cardiff Need to make an appointment, but these are the king of costumiers. They have 95,000 fancy dress costumes and can cover any era from the 40’s to the 70’s. They run a vintage facilty at the Pumping Station antique centre on Penarth road. Located in central Cardiff they have good free parking and can cater for children and adults alike. They can even help out with film crews and filming.
Hopefully, you know now where to buy your costumes from. Alternatively, you can always make them yourself – it adds personal touch and shows creativity.


By Paul Taylor

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