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Halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Cardiff

Halloween as nearly everybody knows is on 31 October, and for that you need to choose from a selection of Halloween costumes. The name is in fact a shortened version of all Hallows Eve. It is believed that the origins of Halloween go back to ancient Celtic belief that the samhain another name for ‘the summers and’  represented the beginning of wintertime. This was the day that the natural world and the supernatural world merged into one entity. It was believed that evil spirits roamed the world on this day and the Samhain Festival would involve the of lighting enormous bonfires to frighten the evil spirits away. The winter, at that time would have been a long cold and perhaps frightening and the Celts believed that with all these evil spirits wandering around they would be appeased if they were left treats or gifts,  which is the reason we now have trick or treat! When Roman and Celtic culture joined together in about 1000 A.D. the Romans declared that 1 November would be “All Souls Day” or  “All Hallows Day”, obviously the day before is All Hallows Eve or Halloween. One reason why dressing up has become a feature of Halloween might well be that it on the evening that souls were wondering around the earth,  if you dressed in a costume you could blend into the background. In effect it was a kind of disguise. We have included some ideas for Halloween costumes if you want a really fast Halloween costume face paint is probably the cheapest and fastest way If you spend a little more time to add a costume for your facepaints you really care now have some great looks for very little money.

Where to get halloween Costumes in Cardiff

If you do not want to make halloween costumes then there are several place to get something to hire. It is worth doing this early as there is always a run on costumes approaching Halloween, however, there is a variety of differing costumes so your imagination can often help you out.

Halloween Costumes – Ideas

Halloween costumes - Beetlejuice

Halloween costumes – Beetlejuice

This movie costume revolves around a character who is dead, so go for a white face dark eyes and and splurges of green to simulate mold. Goes well with  a stripey top!

Halloween Costumes - bat

Halloween costumes – Bat

Bat costumes and halloween are synonymous so you can do wonderful things if you use an old umbrella, black of course together with some felt bat ears and a black outfit.

Halloween Costumes - burgular

Halloween costumes – Cat burgular

What you need for this costume is an all-black outfit add some with cat ears and a  black mask, you will need a tail, which is always useful for costumes next time round. A swag bag to indicate your loot is a must.

o Halloween costumes - Skeleton

Halloween costumes – Skeleton

Skeleton costumes require a black top you can paint or glue on ribs and bones in white and black and white face paint.

Halloween costumes - Mime

Halloween costumes – Mime

Mime is a great way to get into halloween costumes, particularly if you are shy ! White face paint, black clothes or a striped black and white top . White gloves will make the effect dramatic as you wave them around in your mimes.

  Halloween costumes - Bag-Jelly-Beans

Halloween costumes – Bag of Jelly beans

You need a clear bag, cut holes for arms and legs and you can write the “contents information on the bag with felt tip.

To hint to your callers fill up the bag with coloured balloons which look like jellybeans, tie up the bag near your neck with a ribbon. LARGE BAGS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.

  Halloween costumes - Mummy

Halloween costumes – Mummy

Start with a white base and decorate with toilet paper tomato sauce or red food colouring and the required gory blood effects.

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